Announcement Detail Referring to the announcement of the results of the Ordinary General Assembly meeting held on Ramadan 17, 1442 AH corresponding to April 29, 2021 AD, and what was included in the item no 10 Approval of the forming the Audit Committee, defining its duties, operating controls, and remuneration for its members, for the new session that starts on 04/07/2021 AD and for a period of three years, noting that the members are:


1- Mr. Fawaz Hamad Fawaz Al-Fawaz (Member from Outside the Board)

2- Mr. Saud Muhammad Ali Al-Sabhan (membership – independent)

3- Mr. Yousef Muhammad Ali Al-Suhaibani (Member from Outside the Board)”


The company would like to inform the shareholders that the Audit Committee agreed, in its meeting held on 28/07/2021 AD, to appoint Mr. Yousef Muhammad Ali Al-Suhaibani as Chairman of the Committee.