Quality Products

Umm Al-Qura Cement Company products are considered to be of high quality products in the markets of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, and the company continuously strives to maintain this high level of quality through its own laboratories, modern laboratories and technical teams with high efficiency.


All of the company’s products are in conformity with SASO certificates.

Quality Certificates

Quality Standards

• Commitment to the highest standards of safety and environmental protection.
• A high-level control monitoring system to maintain product quality continuously and consistently for all stages of production according to international specifications.
• The company has an integrated system of high-efficiency automatic laboratory systems with Auto lab system.
Modern high-resolution analytical devices.
• Chemical, physical, and X-ray laboratory, and laboratories are equipped with modern high-precision devices.
• A highly qualified team.
• Continuous and stable meeting of customers’ need.
• High and stable product quality.

What sets us apart from other companies

• Cement strength is very high compared to other companies.
• High color quality.
• It has very high workability in concrete.