Umm Al Qura Cement Company announces that a major technical failure occurred to a primary component of cement mill No. 1 on 9th August 2022, the failure has caused a seizure of the mill which led to a decline in sold quantities by 1161 tons per day, Umm Al Qura Cement Company is in the process to repair the faulty component. According to expert report from the manufacturer side dated on 7th October 2022, the initial estimated period of full recovery of mill No. 1 will take up to 12 months and consequently Umm Al Qura Cement Company has increased the production capacity of the operating mill to cover partially the temporary shortage .


Umm Al Qura Cement Company is in process to find alternatives to reduce the repair period and to recover the mill to its normal operational status in the shortest possible period. Future updates will be announced on due course, noting that Umm Al Qura Cement Company is still producing the same quantities of clinker which will be stored for grinding at a later stage.