Vision, Mission & Strategy


To be the preferred choice for customers, investors and employees.


Sustainable value creation and maintaining growth consistently for customers, shareholders and employees.


Umm Al-Qura Cement Company strategy was built on the basis of its distinctive characteristics by creating a competitive advantage in all the main sectors of the company in order to create sustainable value by adopting the following strategies:

Safety and environment, human resources and information technology :

  • Commitment The highest safety and environmental protection standards.
  • The development of human resources training and development of national talent.
  • The continued development of information technology equipment and systems.
  • Creating a culture of industrial process environment with professional and high productivity.


  • Monitor high-level control to maintain the quality of the work and the product continuously and stability.
  • High productivity of the production lines.
  • High readiness for production lines advanced maintenance systems.


  • Continuous and stable to the needs of customers.
  • High and consistent product.
  • High-speed service.
  • Competitive prices
  • The company will sell its products to customers and distributors located packing station in the company’s factory. The percentage depends bulk cement and packaged on the requirements and needs of the market. the company will work detailed marketing study in the phase that precedes the operating and commercial production.

Financial return

  • Maximize the return from sales.
  • Reduce production costs.
  • Optimization of assets.

The adoption of these strategies creates added values :

  • A sustainable system and with a bright picture.
  • A production system that is highly profitable.
  • A well-established system has the capability of rapid growth and development.